Top 3 Best Drop Away Arrow Rest On The Market

Let’s face it: conventional arrow rests are very problematic when you are out in the woods shooting. The biggest issue is that these types of arrow rests is that the arrow will always be in contact with the rest during the entire shooting process.

While this might not seem like a big issue, this means that while the arrow is taking flight, any wobble in the bow, any torque from the launch, and any imperfections in the rest itself will greatly affect your shot. This is where the best drop away arrow rest really shines; these types of arrow rest are connected to your cabling, so that when you release your bowstring, the arrow rest drops away, so that your flight is true.

Comparisons of The Three Best Drop Away Arrow Rest

Best Drop Away Arrow Rest

Ease Of Installation

What Customers Like The Most

What Customers Like The Least


Best Drop Away Arrow Rest

New Archery Apache Drop Away Arrow Rest

Moderate to Easy

Reviewers really love how easy this rest is to adjust

It’s a bit on the heavy side

Best Drop Away Arrow Rest

HDX Arrow Rest


Reviewers love the fact that this comes with an extra arrow rest fork

Tight fit on some bows

Best Drop Away Arrow Rest

Ultra W-QURH Rest

Moderate: the felt on the rest is hard to install or replace

The arrow containment enclosure is great

The release cord can sometimes fall in front of the release mechanism

The Three Best Drop Away Arrow Rest Reviews

1. New Archery Apache Drop Away Arrow Rest (Camo, Right-hand)

Best Drop Away Arrow Rest

This arrow rest is a full containment type, which means that your arrow is fully surrounded when it’s loaded onto the bow. The fork is in the middle of the containment ring and is covered in felt so that the arrow won’t make much noise when fired.

I love the fact that the manufacturer has included a felt replacement. This saves me a trip when I’ve damaged the fork felt and need to make a replacement while on a hunt.

In the past, when hunting, I’ve had problems with a partial containment arrow rest; I’ve lost game because my arrow slipped out of the enclosure. With this arrow rest, this just isn’t possible.

This is a small arrow rest; measuring only 10 x 7 x 3.5 inches or so.

For the most part, the reviews for this product are stellar. Most reviewers like how easy it is to load and fire this arrow rest and they also love how easy it is to adjust quickly.


  • Full containment
  • The included extra felt
  • The camouflage patterning


  • The weight
  • When shooting, the string touches the arrow vanes, leaving a mark
  • It doesn’t fit all bows

2. Quality Archery Products HDX Arrow Rest

Best Drop Away Arrow Rest

I love how easy it is to install this rest; all you need is a Phillips screwdriver and you can install the device with ease. The fact that it is crafted out of stainless steel also is a feature that will ensure this rest has a place on many of your future hunts.

In addition to this, this arrow rest utilizes a very small construction so that extra components don’t obscure your vision while you are taking aim at smaller game. In the past, I’ve had larger sized rests, and in addition to being heavy, these rests can be problematic when aiming for squirrels and turkeys, so a small unit is useful.

Adjustment is also a cinch; once you’ve fastened the rest to your riser, adjusted the rest height, and adjusted for your center shot, all of your shots will be true. This arrow doesn’t gradually de-tune, so you’ll have some great hunting experiences.

Most users really love the simplicity of this arrow rest, with most loving the quick setup and adjustment processes. Also, the limited lifetime warranty is very popular with this rest; it means that the manufacturer stands by it.


  • Size
  • Lightweight nature
  • There doesn't seem to be a bow that this rest doesn't fit


  • While universal, this rest can have issues with a thick riser
  • The clamp that holds the timing cord to the bow cable has some design issues
  • Even though this is full containment, there is a slot that an arrow can fall through

3. Quality Archery Designs Ultra W-QURH Rest Quad Hunter

Best Drop Away Arrow Rest

Another QAD product, this arrow rest has a very robust build quality and a camouflaged outer felt covering that will blend in with any type of terrain. I’ve actually had issues with a buck spotting my rest in the past, so knowing that a manufacturer is keeping this in mind can save you a loss.

As another drop away arrow rest that sports a full containment enclosure system, this unit keeps a relatively low profile. This is perfect for those situations where you need to eye a quarry animal that’s at a distance or very small.

The guard is very thin, yet is strong enough to take a few dings while on the trail. The physical dimensions of this product are 9.5 x 6.8 x 1.5 inches, which puts it at a sweet spot for size and function.

When it comes to reviews for this product, most reviewers are most impressed with the durability of this product. Also, the felt on the fork perfectly masks the sound of the arrow firing, so that game doesn’t dart at on the drawback.


  • Lightweight
  • The camouflaged parts are both felt
  • This rest can even shoot shorter arrows


  • Despite the felt, the release can emit a small sound
  • The fletching can hit on release
  • This doesn’t work with every bow

Things to Look For in the Best Drop Away Arrow Rests


Drop away arrow rests can come in a plethora of enclosure types. Some have no enclosure at all, only a simple drop away fork that you fire through.

These can be problematic if you have to put your bow down because there will be nothing to keep the arrow from coming off the fork significantly. Look for a arrow rest that has an enclosure, so that when you need to set your bow down briefly, your arrow won’t stray too far from the shooting surface.

Either a full, circular enclosure or a simple lever enclosure work for most archers; feel free to pick the kind that you are most comfortable with. Remember, when you’re on a hunt, you’ll want to be able to fire quickly; in this situation, a enclosure is your best friend.


The kind of coloration you select is very important for your hunt. Since archery requires patience and stillness, you’ll want a bow rest that either matches the camo on your bow or blends in well with your external environment.

Many arrow rests have this functionality in mind and several of the products that we reviewed in this guide have camouflage that will match most woodland environments. When searching for your next arrow rest, just be sure that your device won’t stand out too much in your environment, your game will notice and bolt.

Ease of Installation

Your arrow rest should be easy to install. No one wants to have to go through the strain of using a bow press to install a drop away arrow rest.

The best drop away arrow rest reviews all say one thing: the top products in this category should be easy to install quickly. Most of the best types of these devices will be able to be installed using only a Phillips screwdriver, so seek these out for a easy setup process.


So which of the items that we’ve reviewed here is the best drop away arrow rest? For my money, I really like the New Archery Apache Drop Away Arrow Rest.

This arrow rest has an excellent containment system for my arrow, and it is really easy to install and adjust. I’ve had to go to a bowyer in the past to install my arrow rests and nothing is more annoying or needlessly expensive.

In addition to this, this arrow rest also has a sturdy construction that will last for thousands of loosings, so you’ll be able to take this rest on many hunts over the years. This being said, all of the products that we’ve feature here in this guide are excellent, so pick the one that appeals to you the most.